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Alfons Eiligmann

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Latest projects:

1) Project planning assignment until February 2022 for a new phase of the PrAda project in Madagascar: Climate change adaptation of agricultural value chains

2) Preparation of a VC selection study in Ethiopia. In the framework of the project “Strengthening Rural Value Chains in Ethiopia” we coach a local team of researchers in applying the ValueLinks framework for choosing high potential agricultural value chains for the project implementation. The study is supposed to be submitted in October 2021.

3) Suppporting the project “Promotion de l’Economie et DĂ©veloppement Local (PEDEL)” in Morocco to apply the ValueLinks methodology in 8 provinces: Review VC upgrading work plans and development of local trainer capacity. A new contract was concluded for the period up to May 2022.

4) Promotion of agricultural value chains in Algeria: As part of the consortium AFC/IDC, we support the project “Programme d’Appui au Secteur de l’Agriculture (PASA) PĂ´le Sud” in Algeria with capacity building on ValueLinks, training-of-trainers on VC promotion, preparation of value chain studies etc. in the dates, potato and pepper value chains. The project has an overall duration of two years and will last until june 2022. In the framework of the project, we support particularly the setting-up of a national networks of ValueLinks trainers and experts in Algeria.

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